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Automated workflow without manual sediment analysis or microscopy

The UD-10’s stage scanning technology is used to confirm abnormal or unclear results from previous chemical and particle analysis. This process is fully automated, with images providing a detailed view of urine particles without the need for manual sediment analysis or microscopy. Particles can be categorized into eight different classes based on their size. Individual rule settings through the Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System (U-WAM) allow you to modify the workflow to meet your needs.

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As is the case with other devices of the UN-Series, the UD-10 can be integrated into a fully automated urinalysis workflow solution or combined with select analysers and modules to create a tailored solution for your lab. It is not a standalone device and always comes in combination with the UF-4000/UF-5000 and U-WAM and is often paired with the UC-3500 for a fully automated workflow. Explore our configurations page for an overview of frequent analyser and device combinations.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions / weights
W x H x D [mm / kg]

approx. 640 (W) x 872 (H) x 900 (D) mm
Main unit (incl. CV-11)

Stage Scanning method

Measurement principles

  • Automatic focus adjustment
  • Cells settle down on the bottom of imaging cell after aspiration
  • Moving CCD camera captures images with pulsed LED
Parameters Max. 8 particle classes
40 pictures per sample (normal mode)
80 pictures per sample (precise mode)
Sampling volume 1.6 mL in sampler mode
0.6 mL in STAT mode
Aspiration volumes 300 μL in sampler mode
300 μL in STAT mode
Interface U-WAM

Web application

Caresphere™ XQC
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