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Sysmex XN-1000


  • 100 samples/h
  • Sampler capacity 5 racks
  • Choose diagnostic APPs as needed
  • Short turnaround times
  • Networking and remote services capabilities


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XN-1000 - introducing Sysmex´s flagship analyser

This is a standalone, benchtop instrument. In its Rerun & Reflex configuration, the XN-1000 offers reproducible result quality in the shortest possible time. By automatically reanalysing samples for which results are considered unreliable, it significantly reduces manual interventions and frees up time and resources. With no compromise on turnaround time. Reagent management is simple too – if you want we can integrate your reagents in an analyser wagon.

The XN-1000 can be equipped with all the available diagnostic applications. Depending on what is installed, the XN Rerun & Reflex performs a range of rule-based tests. The samples in question are fed into extended measurement automatically. Extended measurement is only performed if it adds additional diagnostic value.

While the XN-1000 is a standalone system, optional software can still make it uniquely flexible. It can be networked with other XN concepts at other locations. Think of individual systems for measuring body fluids on neurology wards. Or transfusion centres.  And thanks to our remote services, we can together define levels of support quality, guaranteed service response times and ensure maximum system uptime.

XN-Series specifications

XN-Series specifications

Fluorescence Flow Cytometry in all modes

Aspiration volume   
88µL in all modes

starting from 100 samples/h

Quality control 
XN Check and XN Check BF

28 diagnostic parameter always standard
XN-CBC = always with NRBC
XN-DIFF = efficiency of XE-5000
16 diagnostic parameters are optional

Core models  
XN-1000, XN-2000, XN-3000 or XN-9000





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