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XN-9000 Maximum Workload

The XN-9000 Maximum Workload best serves laboratories with a very high workload of EDTA blood sample tubes. You observe significant order entry peaks and need short turnaround times (TAT), while most of your samples are negative.

Ideally, you could do with two different processing lines: one for screening the bulk of the samples as fast as possible and another for analysing those with conspicuous results further.  Looking at your samples, most should have order profiles for cell counting only, while analyses for other work areas (e.g. HbA1c or ESR) should not exceed 20-30% in order to keep up a smooth and fast workflow.

And if you need to archive your EDTA tubes and/or sort them for subsequent work areas, yet don't need sample pre-sorting or rack optimisation, Maximum Workload is the solution for you.


Set-up of the Maximum Workload

Our Maximum Workload core configuration consists of two independent processing lines:

  • The ‘screening line’ can include up to nine XN analysis modules. They deliver fluorescence flow cytometry counting of leucocytes and NRBC both in CBC and DIFF mode and will guarantee constant performance for all screening samples. You can also integrate the optional XN-BF application for measuring body fluid samples on XN.
  • The ‘expert line’ is equipped with additional modules for your Smear Workflow, like the SP-10 slide maker/stainer and the optional DI-60 digital imaging module, and also additional XN Clinical Value applications like WPC, PLT-F and RET, all covering reflex testing, for best analytical performance.

The flexibility of the individual setup, based on your existing order profiles and patient populations, means your XN-9000 Maximum Workload solution can offer you the best analytical capacity available, both for screening and reflex tests. Yet it remains scalable to your future diagnostic needs.

The ‘TS-10 Up’ tube sorter is placed in between those two lines and manages the sample workflow for dispatching samples selected for the expert line, sorting samples for other work areas, like HbA1c or ESR, and taking care of your EDTA tube sample archiving.

The modular concept means you have great expansion options in case your sample volume increases. The screening line can be expanded to process up to nine hundred samples per hour. This expansion can be gradual by adding one XN analysis module at a time, which means just a minimum increase in your footprint.

The workflow and reflex testing is managed by the Extended IPU, based on a comprehensive rule set. The functions, structure and scope of the Extended IPU are readily adaptable to your individual needs, ensuring your workflow is as intelligent as you require it to be.

Smear Workflow

Samples that need a smear are sent by the tube sorter to the expert line for processing. The sample is transported to the slide maker/stainer and the produced smear is then transferred automatically to the digital imaging module. Like other extended (reflex) measurements, smears are only initiated if they offer additional diagnostic value. The analysis profile is extended automatically to include smear-making/staining and morphology analysis. But you can also order it up front – whatever your needs. As an additional option, slides can be output separately for manual review, which is then controlled by a specific set of rules.

Extended IPU

The Extended IPU, as an integrated component of all XN-9000 configurations, controls the complete order management for the EDTA tubes, and the sample- and data workflow. It provides full traceability for all EDTA tubes thanks to its automation and optimisation of the workflow process with rack management and tube registration. It also consolidates sample requirements – all EDTA tests can be performed from a single sample tube, which eliminates the need to retake blood from a patient.

Technical Specifications
Technology Automated haematology analysis line
Integrated modules XN analysis modules (screening line, expert line), barcode terminal (screening line), SP-10 for smear-making/staining (expert line), DI-60 for digital image slide analysis (expert line), tube sorter TS-10 Up (between screening line and expert line)
Number of modules max. 9 in the screening line; typically 2-4 in the expert line
Connectable products RPU-2100R – reagent production unit, Tosoh HLC-723 G8* – automated glycohaemoglobin analyser, InterrlinerV8* – automated ESR reader
Throughput max. 900 samples/h (screening line)
Connectable products RU-20 – reagent production system, Tosoh HLC-723 G11* – automated glycohaemoglobin analyser, Interrliner XN – automated ESR analyser



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