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The PS-10 is Sysmex’s response to the increasing demands and declining resources that today’s clinical flow cytometry laboratories are facing. This new sample preparation system offers an intelligent automation solution that delivers increased efficiency and flexibility for complex and routine flow cytometry applications.

Thoughtful automation for a new level of workflow efficiency.

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Automate your sample preparation processes
The PS-10 automates antibody cocktailing and sample preparation using an onboard selection of antibody and lyse or fixation reagents. By automating many manual steps, it frees up the time of laboratory staff for other tasks.

Customise procedures to match your needs while ensuring traceability
Custom-built assays can be easily created by combining simple processing steps, including cell wash, to adapt to individual laboratory needs. 
Compatible with antibody reagents from a variety of manufacturers, it can be programmed to create antibody cocktails or use single antibodies. 
The information for reagents and procedures is stored for re-use – and easy traceability of data.

Maximise your workflow efficiency
By automating both the manual steps and documentation associated with sample preparation, the PS-10 reduces hands-on time, allowing laboratory staff to use that time to focus on other tasks. 
Multiple design elements are incorporated to maximise workflow efficiency:  from dual pipetting probes to multi-aliquoting for multi-tube panels. 
For wash procedures, the daughter tube rotors can be easily transferred from the PS-10 to the Hettich Rotolavit II-S automated cell wash centrifuge, virtually eliminating daughter tube handling and human errors during these steps.

Flexibly standardise your preparation processes
The automated processing by nature eliminates operator-dependent variability, thus leading to an increased level of standardisation compared to manual preparation. Reduction of possible human errors at many steps adds a further level of confidence in the results.

Technical Specifications
User-programmable procedures lyse no-wash, lyse-wash, pre-lyse (bulk), intracellular staining and custom sequences
variables: sample volume, antibody volumes, cocktail volume, lyse volumes, buffer volumes, incubation times
Sample and reagent volume ranges sample: 50 μL or 100 μL in fixed volume mode or threshold mode; 20 μL – 100 μL in variable mode, adjusted based on the sample WBC count; either via autosampler or open tube positions
antibodies: 4 μL – 100 μL, either single clone vials or cocktail vials
lyse/buffer solutions: 450 – 2,000 μL, configurable
Reagent capacity system fluid: (DI H2 O) 9 L
waste: 9 L
lyse/buffers: 4 x 500 mL and 2 x 125 mL
antibody reagents: positions for up to 90 standard vials
peltier cooling: 2 C – 8 C for up to 30 Sysmex standard and cocktail vials
Sample tube capacity 50 primary sample tubes simultaneously via autosampler
up to 48 daughter tubes via 2 racks: 24-tube fixed-angle rack or 12- or 24-position swing-out rotor
compatible with Hettich Rotolavit II-S automated cell wash centrifuge for automated sample wash steps
System performance


  • sample: 20 μL – 49 μL +/- 10% by volume
  • sample: 50 μL – 100 μL +/- 5% by volume
  • reagent: 4 μL – 19 μL +/- 20% by volume
  • reagent: 20 μL – 100 μL +/- 7% by volume
  • lyse: 450 μL – 2,000 μL +/- 3% by volume


  • sample: 20 μL – 100 μL CV ≤ 5% by volume
  • reagent: 4 μL – 19 μL CV ≤ 15% by volume
  • reagent: 20 μL – 100 μL CV ≤ 5% by volume
  • lyse: 450 μL – 2,000 μL CV ≤ 3% by volume


  • 48 tests/h, two-tube panel, lyse no-wash, includes 10 min stain incubation and 10 min lyse incubation
Weight 129 kg (258 lbs)
H x W x D
PS-10: 106.3 x 75.5 x 94 cm (41.8” x 29.7” x 37”) (excluding keyboard and touchscreen)
optional base: 70.6 x 100 x 114 cm (28” x 39” x 45”)
Power requirements 100 – 240 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 10 A
Environment operating temperature: 150C – 350C (590F – 950F)
operating relative humidity: 10% – 80% non-condensing
noise level: standby mode < 60 dB, run mode < 75 dB peak


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