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Manage your reagents efficiently

In haematology, the volume of reagents used is huge compared to other laboratory work areas. Because we need to dilute the sample and generate high reproducibility for analytics, those who work in labs often find themselves spending much of their time handling and refilling reagents. Our intelligent RPU-2100 solution creates an exended ‘walkaway time’ so that your time can be better spent elsewhere.

It is simply connected to your existing water purification system and then to your analysers. You now have safe, pure reagents on tap. It means the number of boxes you need to connect is cut significantly. You can also simplify your logistics and purchasing processes, as well as your administration. You will have less packaging waste and far less goods handling in general.

The RPU unit can be used for both our XN and X-Class series, although not at the same time. Due to the differing open stabilities, we recommend it for a sample throughput of 200 per day for the XN, and 400 per day for the X-Class. The RPU-2100 unit can be used with individual analysers or as a component of an XN-9000 laboratory solution concept.

For every lab > 200 Blood counts per day

Reagent delivery is an issue for haematology departments in day-to-day operations – one of the reasons being they generally require a lifting cart. Storage is limited and usually not located near the haematology work area. And you need to spend a lot of time and attention at your analyser, ensuring reagents are delivered properly.

If you have a lab that handles >200 blood counts each day, the RPU-2100 (Reagent Production Unit) will help. It reduces reagent handling to a minimum, and stores reagent in the immediate vicinity of the analyser. It works locally according to the dilution principle and prepares the ready-to-use dilution solution from a concentrate on demand.

The RPU reagent production is fully under control of the connected haematology analyser and only produces ready-to-use reagent on demand. This ensures costly pure water is not wasted. A storage reservoir inside the RPU ensures diluent availability around the clock, 365 days of the year. Even exchanging the concentrate during peak hour won't interrupt routine operation. The RPU is controlled fully by our middleware.

Easy and safe

The RPU-2100 can generally be connected to the lab’s existing water purification system as long as the conductivity is less than 0.2µS/cm. For safety’s sake, an integrated, intelligent filter system within the RPU-2100 further protects all the connected analysers against contamination by microbes and particles. This means you can also process individual samples during night shifts and for emergency operations with consistent reagent quality.
A fully traceable reagent supply back-up concept guarantees analytical availability 24/7 with zero interruption.

We provide two package sizes suited to different daily samples processing volumes. The shelf life after opening is 30 days for the X-class series and 60 days for the XN.

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