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The complete blood count (CBC) and Sysmex three-part differential (3PD) haematology systems

The CBC is one of the most frequently ordered diagnostic laboratory tests. It allows an assessment of the patient’s health status, from screening supposedly healthy individuals to monitoring known patients under treatment. While today’s haematology analysers are capable of producing an ever-increasing number of parameters, a full differential blood count is not always required. Still, even when a smaller number of parameters is sufficient, the quality of the CBC results must be high: it determines their clinical usefulness and impacts the diagnoses and measures decided on by the physicians.

This is where Sysmex’s three-part differential haematology analysers come in. Using excellent and proven measurement technologies, they deliver the CBC plus a differentiation of the white blood cells into three populations – small, mixed, and large cells reflecting lymphocytes, monocytes/eosinophils/basophils, and neutrophils, respectively – with high quality, providing results of high reliability for clinical decision-making.

We offer a range of different analysers to best meet the individual requirements in different clinical settings. But all these analysers have the market-leading technological backbone, which is characteristic for Sysmex haematology, in common.

XQ-Series – excellence in quality and usability

The XQ-320 and the XQ-520 are the new three-part differential analysers from Sysmex whose multitude of useful features allows it to fit in all kinds of laboratory environments and do the job you need them to do – with excellence.

Because your haematology testing should always be excellent, whether it takes place in a laboratory, a general practitioner’s or physician’s office lab, on a hospital ward, or in any other rapid-response testing setting.


We have listened to your needs

XQ-Series represents a ‘best of’ our haematology analysers: to the proven technology of the XP-300, we have added a large touch screen, the user interface, and the flagging messages used in our recent 5-part differential analysers. Results correlate well even with the flagship XN-Series, making the XQ a match in any lab network.

From sample aspiration to result presentation, XQ supports labs convincingly:

  • copes with low-volume samples: very low aspiration volume of 16 µL
  • high throughput with up to 70 samples/h and quick time to result of < 60 s
  • convenient result interpretation with numerical values, histograms, and flags on one screen; flags have clear and full names

High usability

  • quick sleep shutdown and quick start-up function, auto wake-up function
  • markedly enlarged data memory – from registration to results
  • advanced QC settings, such as enhanced data traceability (including reagent lot and username / operator ID), QC interval alarm setting, single QC result printout with assay values
  • very little maintenance – only one weekly shutdown with Cellclean


  • can be connected to Caresphere™ to remotely monitor analyser status and QC performance
  • choice of printer connectivity via USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth

Get an impression of XQ’s functionalities by viewing the screens.

Physician’s office labs

Worry less, gain more

Technology should support you reliably in what matters most: caring for your patients. It should not require much attention or leave results open for doubt. That’s why we took care of the easiest possible operation and result presentation, combined with compact and robust hardware, all backed up by our renowned service and training.

Results that support you

  • results available in < 1 min
  • dedicated neutrophil count, offering superior clinical utility with infections and monitoring of bone marrow activity
  • clear flagging messages to support result interpretation with confidence

High usability

  • easy-to-perform QC – conveniently scan all QC parameters in one go
  • quick sleep shutdown and quick start-up function, auto wake-up function
  • very little maintenance of just one weekly shutdown with Cellclean
  • training videos available 24/7 on our Sysmex Academy portal

Adapts to your environment

  • space-conscious design respecting lab size
  • more lightweight: weight reduced by one third vs the previous model
  • larger temperature and humidity range of operation
  • choice of printer connectivity via USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth
  • electricity consumption reduced by approx. 20%

Get an impression of XQ’s functionalities by viewing the screens.

Hospital rapid-response testing

Quick access, safe technology

Time is of the essence and regulations are becoming more and more strict, especially in working areas like ERs, ICUs or other rapid-response scenarios. XQ finds the balance between these requirements that make those areas special. With many different users operating the system, we’ve made sure logon is simple without compromising on safety. And results are presented at a glance with clear information, so you know quickly where the patient’s at.

High usability including data protection

  • XQ can register up to 500 different users, who can log on by scanning the barcode or QR code on their employee badge
  • user screen lock function (optional activation) ensures patient data security in busy areas
  • QC lockout function (optional activation, to comply with ISO 22870) ensures samples can only be run with a valid QC status
  • QC management rights can be limited to certain users
  • quick sleep shutdown and quick start-up function

Results that support you

  • numerical results, histograms, and flags with clear names are presented together, facilitating result interpretation
  • dedicated neutrophil count, offering superior clinical utility with infections and monitoring of bone marrow activity


  • HL7 connection protocol for smooth integration into modern hospital networks
  • XQ can be connected to Caresphere™ for remote monitoring of analyser status and QC performance
  • choice of printer connectivity via USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth

Get an impression of XQ’s functionalities by viewing the screens.

pocH-100i – haematology made easy

The pocH-100i is Sysmex’s smallest three-part differential haematology analyser and a particularly easy-to-use system. It is ideal for use both within and beyond the classical laboratory environment such as doctors’ rooms, small rural healthcare centres, or on a hospital ward. pocH-100i can be operated with confidence by both laboratory and non-laboratory staff. With the option to use closed as well as open sample tubes, pocH-100i flexibly adapts to the individual user’s requirements.

The pocH-100i system is complemented by a smartly preconfigured reagent pack with a small footprint. Connecting the reagent pack is made particularly easy and safe by means of colour codes and special markings. The cost-efficient reagent volume with matching volumes for each component means less time spent on replenishing reagents. Moreover, it simplifies reagent ordering, storage, and handling.

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